About Schroeder

Mission & Vision

The purpose of Schroeder Elementary School is to ensure learning for all members of the school community. Vision Schroeder Elementary School will be a place where a collaborative community and differentiated instruction ensure that all students learn and reach their highest potential. In three to five years, Schroeder Elementary will be a place where...

  • A collaborative community
    • Will have regularly scheduled collaboration time in the school day.
    • Will promote open communication among all staff members.
    • Will follow our established norms.
  • Differentiated instruction
    • Will be Common Core and standards driven.
    • Will use assessment to guide it.
    • Will use research supported best practices.
  • All students learn and reach their highest potential
    • By use of common, formative, and summative assessments.
    • By staying updated and using the latest technology to support instruction.
    • By continuing to support all learners with instruction at their level.